Iris · Designer, cartoonist, writer, and co-star! · e-mail

I'm Iris, the writer and cartoonist of Superpoownie. I occasionally pop up in comics as co-star as well.

I graduated from art college at AKV | St Joost in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, majoring in Illustration. In July 2011 I received my Bachelor of Design. Superpoownie was already in the works then, and my determination to work on the comic became even bigger when the horse who inspired it all, Röskur, passed away two weeks after my graduation.

I love doodling and coming up with new ideas for Superpoownie comics & products. I love this project, but if you're interested to see more of my work, you can also visit my general site.

Röskur frá Dýrðlingurhof · Star of the show, general know-it-all

There'd probably have been a personal introduction of the horse behind the comic here had the circumstances been different. Röskur was my horse. I say 'was' because he passed away in the summer of 2011. I owned Röskur for nearly eight years. When I was sixteen, I got him. For three years, we rode lots and lots, but unfortunately in 2006 tragedy struck and he got a tendon injury that he never fully recovered from. Near the end of his life we mostly did cycling, walking, swimming (he loved it!) and carting. He became 23 years old.

He was — and is! — what inspired Superpoownie to come into existence. When he was alive, I loved his personality: He always seemed to know everything better than me and it was only in the little gestures that I realized he did really love me too.

The best example is when we'd go out riding, he would keep pulling a certain way at a crossroad, thinking that way was home. If I'd let him, he would go in that direction, but I barely needed to pull the reins to convince him to go my way. He'd then be grouchy for about half a minute until he seemed to just forget. Then when he realized that we were on the way home after all, he would suddenly be up-beat and move forward eagerly.

Röskur has to be the most unique and particularly brave horses I've ever known. I could go on for hours and hours writing about him, but I think the best way to find out about him is to simply become a faithful follower of Superpoownie. This is my tribute to a unique, wonderful, brave horse.

Brellir frá Afrettur · Sensitive dreamer

I own Brellir since March 2012. He's a young horse that I'm training to be ridden myself. Brellir loves to do anything -- as long as he can do it with me. He's a bright pony that loves to learn and has potential. He's sensitive, both in good and sometimes frustrating manners; and he'll always try his best.

Bret's a lot different from Röskur, but that's a good thing. I like that they're different, because it makes me make no comparison whatsoever between the two. I have to admit, it's kinda nice to have a horse that comes up to you and gently nuzzles you to show you he's happy you're there, and that he missed you while you were gone.

Brellir means 'prankster', and while Bret is generally very well-behaved and try-harder, he has his little pranks, like opening zippers or grabbing brushes with his mouth. He'll generally give you plenty of time to react, and figures that, well, if you took so long to get to him, surely it's OK whatever he's doing... Right?

Brellir shows up in Superpoownie sometimes too, because even if he hasn't taken Röskur's spot in my heart, he's certainly found one right next to it. ♥

Landi frá Fridarstödum · fluffy cute dog

Landi's been there for a long time. In 2013, he passed away after 14,5 years of accompanying us. Landi was an Icelandic sheppherd dog. Since Röskur and Landi had so many funny moments together -- like when Röskur refused to swim until he saw Landi go in the water -- and we've had many fun rides & walks with the three of us, it seemed logical to add him in sometimes, too. And that means he deserves a place here, too. I still miss Landi a lot, but thinking about him every time I draw for Superpoownie makes me smile.

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